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What you Receive

Once you have signed up will send you an email with the day you will receive your first bucket, your weekly pick up day and a PDF of what can and cannot be composted/recycled.

We will then drop you off repurposed bucket(s) for you to start filling with your compost and recycling goodies.


We have decided to reuse buckets from bakeries, refill stores, bulk stores and more as to not create more plastic!

What We Accept

Please note that the sticker (on the bucket) with the list of DO / DON'T Compost is incorrect. Please refer to the "what can be composted list" for an updated list. 

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Recycling - STICKER .jpg

Where your Compost and Recycling Goes

All compost picked up is now composted with Spa Hills allowing us to accept more compostable goods. 

Recycling is sorted and taken to a commercial recycling depot (Planet Earth Recycling) in West Kelowna, BC.

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