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Residential Cost

$20.00 - Registration Fee (One Time Fee)

$35.00 - Lake Country Weekly Pick Up

$35.00 - Kelowna Weekly Pick Up

$35.00 - West Kelowna Weekly Pick Up

$30.00 - Recycling (Only) Weekly Pick Up

$7.50 - Recycling Pick Up (Add on to Compost)

+ $7.00 (extra) - Large 18 Litre Compost Bucket

We don't do bi-weekly pickups, but contact us if you have extenuating circumstances.

*All prices are per month/include 11 liter bucket at time of sign up. We accept e-transfer and personal cheques.*


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Domestic Waste Bin
Residential Compost Sign Up 

Please fill out the below information to start composting!

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