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Our Story

My name is Kristen Livingston and I am the owner of LC Compost. About 3 years ago I started a deep dive into how I could help make our planet happier and healthier. I started looking into my personal actions as well as what we could do as a community. The lack of composting in the Okanagan was very apparent. I started brainstorming ways I could start a business that could help my community reduce their environmental footprint and LC Compost bloomed.  

LC Compost originally was located on a farm in Lake Country but we had to adapt and figure out a new location. This is why we are now working with Spa Hills until we can find a location that we will be able to take the organic waste to and get back to our roots of heap composting. We are very lucky that Spa Hills was able to step in and take the majority of our organic waste but we are very optimistic that we will be able to find our own location to call home once again. 

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