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LC Compost Sign Up Process

Here at LC Compost we have a passion for keeping this planet as happy and healthy as we can and we want to help you take another step to reducing your environmental footprint. We have sourced out re-purposed buckets so that we are not creating more plastic and are always looking at ways to make our company as sustainable as possible. We currently are working with BinBreeze to see if by adding their product to our compost pile it will reduce the amount of CO2 and methane released during the composting process. But enough with the chit chat, lets get to how you can get started today!

You can sign up one of two ways; go to our How to Get Started Page on our website or email us directly at If you email us we will need the following information:

First and Last Name:

Phone Number:


Recycling Add On (yes or no):

Additional Pick Up Information:

After we have received all your information we will send you an enrolment email with the day we will drop your first bucket(s), your weekly pick up day and a list of what you can and cannot compost/recycling.

After we have dropped your buckets off you can starting your composting journey! We will pick up your bucket(s) once per week on a scheduled day. Pick up times are between 8:00am and 6:00pm so we ask that you place your buckets out before 8:00am to be ready for us to pick up. We will then swap your full buckets with clean empty buckets. Your compost will then be taken to our farm and the compost process will begin. Once fully composted it then gets used right on our farm. At this time we are unable to sell any compost due to business licensing. As for your recycling, we take this to the farm, sort it into different bins (hard plastic, soft plastic, styrofoam and glass jars) and then once a week we go to West Kelowna and drop it at a commercial recycler (Planet Earth Recycling).

If you sign up for compost and recycling pick up you will receive 2 buckets one small 11 litre for compost and one larger 18 litre for recycling. You do have the option to upgrade both these bins to a larger size if need be, just send us an email and we can discuss larger options with you.

If you happen to miss putting your buckets out one week, not a problem! All we ask is that both week (missed week and current week) are placed out on your pick up day the week following the missed day.

When you are going on holiday and you don't need a pick up, just send us a quick email letting us know that no pick up is required.

At the end of each month we will send you an invoice via email. We are only accepting e-transfer at this time.

We hope this little guide has answered any questions you may have had about how to get started with us. But please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any further questions!

-Happy Composting

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