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What is a Compost Pick Up Service?

A compost pick up service is a company that provides people who do not want or do not have the ability to compost at home an option to divert their organic waste from the landfill. They take your organic waste and turn it into compost which is a necessity to healthy soil and a healthy planet.

Did you know that about 60% or your waste is organic waste that creates methane when taken to the landfill? So if you don't have an option to compost at home here are some details to how easy it could be to start composting today:

What you get with our service? Once a week we provide you with a repurposed bucket (no new plastic created here!) and compostable bag (to line the bucket with) that you fill with your organic waste throughout the week. Then once a week, on your scheduled day, we will swap out your full bucket with a clean/sanitized bucket for you to start the process over.

Where does the compost go? We work with Spa Hills based out of Salmon Arm who takes the organic waste and turns it into compost. We are working with this company as they are able to take thing such as meat & dairy which we could not accept before. They are helping us help you divert more organic waste!

How much will it cost? Our services start at $25 per month! This is about the same as one coffee per week.

Who uses our services? We have a large range of customers from people who don't have the time or desire to compost to people who do not have the space or ability to compost at their homes. Our customers are our neighbours who are taking the environmental crisis into their own hands. They are our friends who see a problem with the way our city is not handling the waste issue and they are taking steps to better their community and the planet as a whole.

We provide pick ups at single family homes, townhouses, apartments & condos, offices, restaurants and much much more.

How do you sign up? Head to our website and hit the Sign Up button to get started today!

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