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History of (LC) Composting

In light of Compost Awareness Week I thought I would tell you a little story about the history of this glorious thing we call compost.

Archaeological digs in Scotland believe to have found use of waste as compost as early as the Neolithic Period.

It is believed that the earliest script referencing compost was around 2300 B.C. but there are many scripts that have yet to be transcribed.

There is a lot of evidence that the Romans, Greeks, Egyptian, Native American, Scottish and Chinese societies composted. It is believed that they would see grass surrounding animal waste growing at a faster rate then the other grass around it so they started to pile the waste matter, mix is some hay and wait until the next growing season to use it on their agricultural land.

Now that we have the nitty gritty out of the way. Here is how LC Compost came to light.

Myself (Kristen) and Amanda have been friends for many many moons. We have always dreamed of a life of living off the grid and being self sustaining and playing in gardens all day. But as life does this isn't how it turned out and let me tell you we are A-Okay with it! Instead we are able to help our neighbours reduce the amount of organic waste that is filling our landfills.

In the past few years I have really started to take a deep dive into the health of our planet. I started off small by making sure we were recycling and composting properly. Wanting to make an even bigger dent I decided to go vegetarian, which after a lot of environmental research turned into vegan. Then it morphed into trying to be as plastic free as possible. I knew that all these small changes were making a affect but I always have been the person who needed to do more...

With Amanda purchasing a farm we got to thinking. How can we make this piece of land profitable for Amanda to be able to build her dream property. A place where her and her family can live off the land as she has always wanted. Many many strolls around the property chatting about god knows what turned into this amazing company. (We like to talk... a lot)

We decided to start small in our community of Lake Country, BC. We started putting the word out to friends, family and neighbours about what we were doing. And just like that people started talking and wanting to be take part and help reduce their environmental foot print! We started chatting with local companies to see if they would be able to gift us their buckets in order to reduce the amount of plastic that was being recycled. And just like that we created a waste free composting company that now reaches from Lake County to West Kelowna.

We are so happy we can serve our community, make an impact on climate change and help our friends and neighbours do the same!

Happy Composting Friends.

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