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Welcome to the Composting Family

Hello friends! I have started this blog to bring you all things compost. Now that may not sound exciting to you but let me tell you there are so many amazing things that composting brings to the table. And I hope that this blog can help open your eye's to the world of decomposing food.

To start off Amanda and I (Kristen) started this wonderful adventure for a couple reasons:

1) We love this planet we live on and want to do all things possible to keep it as happy and healthy as possible. And we want to spread the word that all steps (even small) help save the planet.

2) We want our kids (and now yours!) to learn that we need to respect our planet. We are teaching them that we can make changes to our everyday lives to make an impact on climate change.

3) We want to provide a service to this amazing place we call home.

So if you would like to join us on this journey, follow us on social media, read the blog, share with friends and sign up for our weekly composting pick up program.

Happy composting my friends!

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