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Why to Start Composting

At this time the Okanagan is a behind the times when it comes to our organic waste "disposal". There are some amazing companies that are trying to fill the void and help give Okanagan options to diverting their organic waste from the landfill. But in comparison to other communities within BC we are falling short and as a community we need to start making small changes to make a big impact.

Here are some quick facts on WHY we should be composting. Whether that is in our back yard, worm composting in your home or having a composting service pick up your organic waste.

1) Reduces landfill waste - at this time the our landfill receives approximately 300 tonnes of garbage per day and on average 40% of our garbage is organic waste. That means that we could be keeping approximately 120 tonnes of organic waste out of our landfill and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.

2) Using compost in your soil helps save water. It reduces water evaporation and also retains water decreasing water runoff. Allowing your plants to enjoy more of that sweet sweet H2O.

3) Compost helps soil without the need for chemical fertilizers. Using compost in exchange for fertilizer is the natural way to enrich your soil without the use of chemicals. These chemicals in fertilizers have a negative impact on tiny critters and our environment.

So let's start making a small changes everyday. You are going to be eating that apple either way... so put the core in your compost rather than the trash.

- Kristen

Compost Confessions

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